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Why should I consider editing before I submit it for possible publication? TOP

Requirements for English-language journals are very different from those of many journals published in other languages. We are very skilled at working with authors to prepare for submission to English-language nursing journals, and to provide recommendations on fit of articles with journal aims and scope, formatting, etc. Our clients have found that working with us to revise their manuscripts greatly increases its chances of being accepted for publication.

We will work with individuals to ensure that writing is consistent with the expectations of English-language publications. We are proficient at removing redundancy and unnecessary content from their manuscripts, without sacrificing essential content.

Will you rewrite my paper? TOP

We offer services to reorganize, rewrite and address issues related to redundancy, grammatical and flow issues, or page limitations. We also provide a review of your current manuscript, providing you with a review of what needs to be changed, developed or removed from your manuscripts. You can then do your own rewriting based on our recommendations.

Do you edit and/or translate dissertations or theses? TOP

Yes. We can assist with organizing research findings, and with drafting, revising, and editing the final manuscript.

Will you do the actual research or writing of a dissertation or article for someone? TOP


Can you help with book, conference, or grant proposals? TOP

We are available to support nurse scholars as they reinvent dissertations or book manuscripts into publishable articles and effective book chapters. We do not write grant or conference proposals, but we are available to edit and proofread your projects.

Who are your editors? TOP

Our editors are doctorally prepared nurses from the top research universities in the U.S. and internationally. All are fluent in English. We also have nurse editors for whom either Spanish or Portuguese are their primary language.

Does your editing service include formatting? TOP

We do not include formatting in our standard or premium editing services. However, you may add journal-specific formatting to your order for a $200 fee. We will also add 24 hours to your selected deadline.

Will you help me re-edit my paper? TOP

We understand that you may have to make changes to your manuscript before submitting it to your journal. You may resubmit your paper to us for a re-edit at a $40 discount.

What is the purpose of AEN Peer Review Services? TOP

Our customers have found that papers, which were previously rejected by journals, have been accepted once they have revised their manuscript based on our peer review recommendations. We also believe that use of this service – especially for novice authors or those publishing in English when it is not their primary language – can shorten submission to publication time by addressing issues prior to article review by specific journals.

Do you have nurse translators? TOP

We do, and we also use professional translators in coordination with nurse editors who are proficient in Spanish and Portuguese.

Why do you use two translators? TOP

Translation is a subjective process. so using a second translator to verify the translation is the best way to preserve the author's original meaning. If you are comfortable verifying the translation yourself, you may choose our standard translation service.

How do I communicate with my translator? TOP

If you have any questions about your translation, please contact us and we will assist you.

Do you guarantee my paper will get published? TOP

Publication is a subjective process, so we are not able to guarantee that you will be published after you use our services. We do guarantee that we will re-edit your paper for free if it is rejected by a journal for reasons of English language proficiency.

What is your confidentiality policy? TOP

We require that all of our staff members sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your research.

Is your website secure? TOP

We use the most up-to-date website security features available to us, and handle client materials with diligence and respect. However, we cannot directly control all variabilities in internet service. It is your responsiblity to retain back-up copies of all materials sent to us.

How long will it take to complete the work on my paper? TOP

Deadlines are negotiable.  Because of the demand for our services, the more lead-time you can give us, the better. However we do offer rapid turnaround, while maintaining our quality, at a higher price. We still recommend that you provide us with as much lead time as possible to ensure that we can do our best job to work with you and provide excellence.

How much do AEN services cost? TOP

Our competitive rates vary by specific services requested, turn around time required, and the condition and length of a manuscript.

Do you include references and tables in the word count for pricing? TOP

Although we do edit references and numeric tables to ensure that they are in correct format, this pricing is handled separately and is not counted as part of the word count.

How do I pay you for your services? TOP

Payments are processed via Paypal, which accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, or transfer of funds from your Paypal account.

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