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Academic Editing for Nurses Peer Review Services Request for Quote / Solicite uma cotação.

Our nurse experts will provide the same detailed comments about your paper that you would expect from a journalís peer review process óbefore you submit your paper for publication.

Academic Editing for Nurses Peer Review ServicesOur editors are on the Editorial Boards of Nursing Journals around the world, and they will examine your work and provide feedback on your paper's organization, substance, research methods, findings and implications. They also compare the Aims & Scope of your desired journal against your paper, to let you know if your selected journal is a good fit for your article. In addition, they will notify you if you are correctly using the required formatting (e.g., APA Format).

Each submission will go through our Standard Editing and (if applicable) English Translation services before your reviewers see your submission - makes sure they concentrate on your research and not language or formatting issues.

AEN Peer Review Services include:
  • English Language Translation services.
  • Standard Editing services.
  • Evaluation of the overall organization of the document.
  • Evaluation of the clarity of the text.
  • Commentary on the research method section of the document.
  • Evaluation of the hypothesis support.
  • Commentary on the claims stated in the study.
  • Evaluation of the discussion and limitation sections of the document.
  • Suggestions for reducing redundancy, increasing clarity, and meeting requirements for word limitations.
  • A final edit after you have made the changes as recommended by your reviewers.

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